2014 Spring/Summer Travel

Congrats to our 6th grade team for winning the Bradley/Bourbonis tournament




Windy City Alum News:

Jessica Merino, a 4 year member of the club and travel teams, was recently invited to try out for the 17 and under national olympic team in Colorado. She was one of only 145 athletes invited in the country. This number included 12 returning players from the gold medal team. She did survive the first cut of 55 players but ultimately was not selected. Jessica was a sophomore starter for the Sanburg Varsity.

We are very proud of her accomplishments and wish her well.





NEWS: 7/21/14

Thanks to all for a wonderful Summer Travel Season!

Winter Travel Tryouts will take place in October/November 2014. Full details to follow.

Next Skills session will be starting up right after Thanksgiving. We'll post registration information by end of September.



















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